(In) Justice


I often wonder where the Justice is for rape victims and I’m not necessarily talking about conventional justice. We survive the horrific ordeal of being attacked; having our dignity stripped away; exposing our wounded souls and then…

If we are brave we share our story with a friend who, more often then not, agrees with society that the victim has somehow contributed to their attack. Was she out too late? What was she wearing? You know she is the promiscuous type. Always flirting with the boys. Yes, even friends fall for this hypocritical crap. Society tells them that its ok and that only those type of women get assaulted. We will lose many friends along the way because of this…

If we are REALLY brave we take our story of this horrific crime to the police. They will protect us, right? At least they will be the ones to acknowledge the fact that we are human beings and have feelings… right? Unfortunately, more often then not that answer is no. We will be interrogated as if we have committed the crime itself against our perpetrator. We will be asked about our sexual history, mental health history, and substance use history and if these areas of our life are not like June Cleaver our case probably will be dismissed. My perpetrator has yet to make a statement to the police. He was never even questioned.

If we are SUPER BRAVE and make it to court. One would think that Lawyers and Judges would not buy into the mentality of victim Blaming. You would most likely be wrong again. A recent statement in the news about a judge describing a 14 year old rape victim, “she was older than her chronological age.” Her rapist only received 30 days in jail. But we are a progressive society you say… These stories are isolated incidences you say…

Stories like these are all too common. Not only have I experienced them first hand but as a counselor I get the privileged to hear many of these stories. These are not isolated incidences. What can I say about a system and ideology that supports abuse. A lot.

In America we subscribe to the notion that we are Far superior to the third world Justice Systems. No, we don’t physically stone our women; however spiritually we rip them apart. By the time we have walked through the process we don’t even feel like human beings. This system is not acceptable to me. I used to idealize America and the ideals we stand for…. Yes, We have come along way since women’s rights movement but we continue to stone our women only the stones smash against our spirit; the essence of our soul.

Some people have asked me why I’m so Angry. Because I’m fighting against a system who most people are complacently satisfied with until it directly affects them. What if I was your sister, mother, cousin, or aunt? Would you complacently watch me die?

This is why I tell my story. This is why I fight. Some days I feel like all I have left is my voice. I’m not afraid to use it. Are You?


One thought on “(In) Justice

  1. mwitasblog says:

    Yes, there are many things that are simply stupid about America’s so-called justice system. I live in Africa and I’d rather have Africa’s justice system with all the corruption and bribery it embodies, than America’s ‘progressive’ type. And true again, you put it so well that most people are complacently satisfied with this system until it affects them directly.

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