So I’m only weeks away from graduating with my Master’s Degree in counseling psychology. Weeks. I’ve been counting down to this day for about a year now. We are down to the wire and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. No more papers or late night study group or practically living off of caffeine. NO. MORE.

I will soon receive that little piece of paper that gives me entrance into the middle-upper class working world. Except for the fact that I chose to get a degree in a field that does not pay and I don’t mean that figuratively, like I just won’t be able to buy that Prada purse or new Chanel bag that I wanted. It’s more like, I might be able to afford dinner and a movie once a week if I splurge although it’s an upgrade from Ramen Noodles I guess.

People do not go into the counseling profession, or any human services field for that matter, for the money. If money was not an issue then this would be my passion, my calling. Many of my friends are married and have children, yet I chose a different path. I chose to invest in myself and my education. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I regret it. I compare myself, where I’m at in life, to others. They invested in their jobs and are now making steady income while I invested in research projects and books, so many books.

It’s two am and I’m sitting here reflecting on my journey. I’ve grown so much as a person- this was not without pain and lots of it. Trust me there are days when I have cursed this path that I have chosen but then in a moment of clarity I realize that somewhere along this path I found myself and it was finally nice to meet her. As I’m sitting here, eating my Ramen noodles (seriously), I’m realizing that I made it. IT. WAS. WORTH. IT. God sure has a funny and sometimes sarcastic way of placing you on the right path. I’m laughing to myself as I begin the process of applying for my PsyD- Doctorate of Psychology. I don’t have children or a family or even two cents to rub together, but I have passion and determination- most of all I’m discovering my heart for healing.

Hello freedom, you were not what I expected, but I’m sure glad you’re here.



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