Convicted Felon


Yesterday, my perpetrator entered a guilty plea. He is now a convicted felon and sex offender for life. I got to face him for the last time. My nerves were killing me but I made it through the day. The courtroom was filled with my supporters who stood by me when the verdict was read. It was a great day, probably one of the best days of my life. I know that so many survivors never get their day in court. Their voices are never heard.

I broke down emotionally about two days prior to court. I finally realized that my healing didn’t depend on him entering a guilty plea or even going to jail. My healing has nothing to do with him, so at that moment I knew this journey didn’t end with the ending of the case. My healing is going to take time. Forgiveness is a process. Finding a voice loud enough to empower the self takes a lifetime. I took the first step the day I decided to tell the truth.

Even prior to my case I’ve always had a heart for victims of sexual assault or victims of domestic violence. I would post stuff on my facebook about rape or domestic violence to bring awareness. I got a call from a family member today giving me a warning about the “type of stuff” I tend to post and that I may regret it one day. I felt my heart break a little because that’s the culture of silence talking and it perpetuates shame.

Let me make this perfectly clear, I have no regrets about telling the truth. I have no regrets about fighting a broken system. I have no regrets about standing up for my rights. I have no regrets about telling my story to anyone willing to listen. The only regret that I have is not choosing to do it sooner. It’s my promise to never stop talking about it. Does it make people uncomfortable, sure. But I guarantee talking about it saves lives. It provides freedom for the individuals trapped in darkness. I know it did for me.

This is my story and I’m not ashamed of it anymore. I’m not afraid to shine the light on dark places. Are you? I’m a Survivor.


7 thoughts on “Convicted Felon

  1. Your courage is inspiring. Your writing is lovely. You are beautiful.

  2. Kudos to you! Those that do not like you speaking out or raising awareness will one day learn the hard way when it hits their family because it will and when it does, if they don’t address it and make it top priority for change to better the world, it will destroy them and their relationships with those around them. Keep talking, Keep raising awareness.We not only need to make a difference today in the lives of others but we want to leave a mark on the world that will impact the lives of future generations to come. Lets keep everyone talking!

    • You are so very right! Sexual assault and domestic violence need to be talked about before any changes to society can be implemented. We really need to shine the light on these issues. The next generation really does depend on us! Thank you for starting the conversation!

  3. emnia05 says:

    I’m really glad you shared this! I felt the same things you felt. The only way to see the light is when you accept it and speak up. Now, we need to bring more awareness to it; which you are doing also!!:)

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