It’s very rare that I’m at a complete loss for words, but tonight I’m fighting back tears, so many tears. This is how the clerk of courts defines rape. This is how our justice system defines rape. Oh, and by the way the “not likely to cause injury” is not a legal phrase. They just added that part in for fun.


I looked up my case and this is what my perpetrator gets to walk away with. I guess it wasn’t that bad because you know rape is not likely to cause injury. It’s RAPE, by definition it causes injury.

Yes, he didn’t use force because he didn’t have to. A date rape drug will do the trick quite nicely. Tonight, I don’t have the right words because there are no words to describe this type of grief.

I will continue to speak out long after my case was won or lost. Just not tonight because tonight, I cry. Because sometimes there are no words… only prayers for a better tomorrow.

-I need to make a correction to this post. Its Actual Legislation. Which by the way makes it more horrific! This is how the charge is written in by LAW. Ok, so let me add this to the list of horrific things that need to be changed. I want to make it safe for victims to press charges against their attacker… Systematic change is necessary. Statute (794.011) your name needs revision… I’m coming for you!



  1. mwitasblog says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. It’s almost impossible to believe!

    • Thanks, it is impossible to believe! I just didn’t understand the brokenness of our system and the lack of humanity found within its judicial walls. I still don’t regret pressing charges but now I have to find away to combat a broken system, even if its in my own small way. I’m working on giving a voice to this problem, it just happens to be a very BIG problem.

  2. Everytime I try to reply, I get verborhea and my reply becomes longer than your post. I am shocked and hurt by that wording. It is disgusting and I think that something should be done to change it. Maybe doesn’t seem like a big deal but I think it is. Even if no force is used, even if we narrow injury to the physical only, there is injury. there is whether it be from drug, or penetration, or holding someone down, there is injury, always.

  3. My reply might seem sort of emotionless, I had to remove my emotion because my replies were way too long and rambling, and hard to see through the tears of anger and pain.

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