The Grace Card

I believe that this card is played a lot in Christianity to justify, minimize, and condone sinful behavior. In fact I think it’s the card that trumps all cards. It was what my abuser used against me before and after the assault. He was covered in love of Christ and if I would just forgive. In fact he talked a lot about grace and forgiveness. It’s always devastating when the Love of God is used as a weapon against a person.


{That phrase should not be allowed in the English Language}: If the grace card can be used in such a manner then please let me enlighten you to the debilitating effects rape has on a person spiritually and emotionally. I will choose to make YOU the object and ravish your spirit. I will consciously choose to murder your soul and then pull the grace card out of my pocket, because I too am Christian and have access to that same wonderful card.


Grace is NEVER justification, invitation, or rationalization for sin. Period. Christians, please stop doing this. It cheapens what Jesus did on the cross for you. It deeply hurts other people. Yes, God forgives and His grace is an extraordinary gift; however if I was to imagine God getting angry then turning Grace into a weapon against his children would certainly do it…

I’m not sure what standing in front of God is going to look like on Judgment day, but I wouldn’t want to be the one who turned Grace against Him.

Maybe it’s just my bias…


3 thoughts on “The Grace Card

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  2. I agree with you. The bible tells us that those that refuse to see their sin will be turned over to it (Romans 1:26-27) so Grace never even comes into play here. If a person can no longer see the error of what they are doing, they will not seek forgiveness. They will die in their sins and face God’s holy condemnation. Not just those involved in it but also those that promote it and condemn others who don’t approve of their behavior or those that turn the other cheek. (Romans 1:32). I hope I am explaining my thoughts properly here.

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