Twister was one of my all time favorite movies growing up. If you haven’t seen it, you should! Here is the quick synopsis: It’s about a team of storm chasers. They deliberately try to track the movements of tornadoes in order to prevent and predict disaster. There are amazing graphics (for a movie made in 1996) and high adrenaline moments! I couldn’t get enough…

There is one particular line in the movie where the main character describes when a category F5 twister hit her home and she describes the experience in such a heart wrenching way:

Jo: You’ve never seen it miss this house, and miss that house, and come after you!

I never understood how significant this line would become in my later years because it perfectly defines trauma. It perfectly defines how I felt about my assault. How many people feel after trauma: alone, shattered, and irreparably broken. Any kind of trauma.  Many people know about trauma but until it affects them or someone they know it remains in the existential unknown.

Have you ever seen it miss this house, and miss that house, and come after you?

Yes, I have.

I’m dedicated to re-building my house. I’m committed to re-building my community. My trauma is preventable through education and awareness. We can give survivors a voice. We can talk about safe touch and non-safe touch with our children. We can be there for a friend when they disclose. We can walk beside sexual assault survivors on their healing journey whatever that may look like for them: reporting or not. We can collectively stand together and say: NO MORE.

I will re-build my house and help with that one too, and don’t forget that one over there.

Will you join me? We can use all the help we can get.


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