How to help your child after a rape – Part 1

Amazing post for parents, friends, and family of survivors! Advice on how to react when someone close to you discloses abuse. Wonderful post!

Dear Stevie

Whilst searching the web for resources and information I came across a pamphlet/ handbook for parents on helping their daughter after rape. It’s from a website in the US, and I have to say was about the only useful thing I could find apart from other survivors stories.
The issue with being a parent is that you really have no idea, unless you have been through this previously, what your child wants or needs. There isn’t much help out there and to be honest no one educates parents on how to keep their kids safe so that they have no right to comment on how they aren’t handed a manual. I can say this as I have used this comment before and now realise that had I had someone to show me what boundaries were and how to implement them with my child. What I needed after I found out…

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