Whispers in the Dark


We are all connected, every one of us. We are connected to nature, to each other, and to God. I truly do believe that. Every action has a reaction. We can start chains of events by a simple gesture. One voice can lead to a revolution. One smile can save a life. Love can conquer evil, even though evil screams while love whispers.

I love watching and observing small gestures of kindness. They are sometimes hard to spot but when you really look only then will you begin to SEE. I see the guy who opens the door for others. He stands patiently at the door expecting nothing in return. Chivalry is not dead. I notice when my counselor goes over session because she is genuinely interested in our topic of conversation. She listens with her whole heart.

Sometimes my friends go out of their way to bring me snacks for our weekly meetings (just because). My pastor provides pizza for the church on Saturdays before service- He always makes sure he reminds me so I can get a slice or two and he may offer me a box on the way out. As you can see, food is my primary love language. You can always win my heart through food. I’ve received cards of encouragement from complete strangers. I’ve been privileged to share in stories from other survivors. I’ve received countless hugs and have given just as many. Kindness is all around you.

It’s still and quiet, often small. But it’s contagious.

When darkness knocks on your door you will be hard pressed to see the good. It covers and taints the world that you used to know. Keep looking for it anyway. You are not alone in the darkness. As strange as this is to say, others are there with you searching for the light, find them. We are all connected and if we work together we can and will make it out. We will chain our hands together and navigate the uncharted terrain. We will grab a hold of the person behind us while simultaneously being helped by the person in front. We will eradicate the darkness by offering hope. Maybe that will be in the form of sharing your story, or a smile, cards of encouragement, a listening ear, or even a cupcake or two.

We will start a movement.

It’s still and quiet, often small. But it’s contagious.





2 thoughts on “Whispers in the Dark

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  2. Serene, easy and peaceful to read. Thank you for the moments of respite and reminders.

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