Side Steps…

I’m a type I diabetic. I have been on insulin pump therapy since I was 13 years old. I’m now 27 so that’s 14 years of my life. Unfortunately, my insulin pump recently had an internal sensor error that was not repairable and could be dangerous if I would continue use.

I’m not one to ask for money but ANY contribution would be extremely helpful. I recently graduated and am still trying to establish myself. I do not currently have medical insurance and would need to pay for a replacement pump out of pocket, and as you can see these little devices are extremely expensive. This does not include the insulin, hookups, meters just the pump itself.

It seems like something trivial but this little device has kept me alive and healthy for most of my life! If you cannot contribute any funds at this time, know that I understand and all I ask is for your continued prayers as this season has been especially hard financially and emotionally on my family. There has been so much to deal with assault, PTSD, court, school, and now medical… I appreciate the assistance. Sometimes its all you can do to ask for the help that you need.





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